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Unless you have a massive home or apartment, chances are you never feel like you have enough space to store and organize everything you own. For those of us with small to midsize living spaces, keeping them neat and tidy is a daily battle. If you’re looking for storage tips for small spaces? Here are some fairly inexpensive tips for making sure your smaller space can accommodate your life and possessions.

Incorporate Decluttering Into Your Daily Routine

It may sound obvious, but it’s hard to stay organized in a small space when you have a lot of stuff. Making decluttering a part of your daily cleaning routine is vital if you want to stay tidy. Kickstart your organizational journey with a massive decluttering effort. After that, institute some rules for yourself. For example, one item in, one item out. Any time you bring something new into your home, you must get rid of something else. Also, spend at least 10 minutes every day getting unneeded items out of your home. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you a thing to start decluttering and making your space more breathable.

Think Vertically

Architecturally, how does a big city pack so much stuff into a relatively smaller surface area? By going vertically, of course. This concept can also help you in your small space. Apartment Therapy suggests “filling the space on top of the refrigerator with wire bins, mounting baskets on the wall, or placing a shelf with baskets in a corner.” You can also install cheap shelves from floor to ceiling wherever you want. Stores like Bed, Bath, & Beyond have stylish bins, shelving, and baskets. As a bonus, you can regularly find coupons, sales, and cashback deals to minimize the investment.

Prioritize Built-In Storage Space

In a small space, any piece of furniture that doesn’t also offer some sort of storage is a waste. For example, a TV stand/entertainment center should have drawers and cabinets aplenty. Your bed should have pull-out drawers underneath. Your coffee table or ottoman should open up to reveal extra storage space for blankets or pillows. Look for discounts and savings at stores like Crate & Barrel when looking for smart furniture for your small space.

Load Up on Baskets

If clutter is contained, is it even really clutter anymore? Not really, according to most. A home will look and feel more organized if every item has a place — even if that place is just a wicker basket or wooden bin. Bins and baskets are both cheap and stylish if you know where to look. Whether you want plastic, wood, clear, white, or metal — there is something for you.

Invest in Hooks for Inside and Outside Your Closets

Combining the general principles of making sure everything has its own storage space and thinking vertically will lead you to one elegant, extremely low-cost solution: hooks. Wallspace — both inside and outside of your closets and shelving — is mostly unused real estate. While a framed photo next to your front door looks nice, some cool brass hooks to hang your coats, bags, and umbrella are more practical. Check out some decorative door hooks that can go anywhere. If you’re smart, you can be practical, savvy and stylish at the same time.

The smaller the home the more valuable every single square inch is when it comes to storage, organization, and living space. By investing in some inexpensive storage aides and being smart when selecting furniture and decorative items (emphasizing function just as much as form), you can truly maximize any space. But before you do that, remember this: there are no tricks or tips to make a super-cluttered home organized. You must first declutter, downsize, and make some tough but necessary choices about what you choose to hold on to.

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