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Are you excited to start the next stage of your life, but need to sell your home quickly before you can move on to the next adventure? If you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your house for a quick sale, keep reading to find out the remodeling projects you should be taking on.

Whether you own a fixer-upper you bought as a young couple, or the home where you raised your family, investing some time and energy into smart home projects can help you sell your home quickly without compromising on selling price.

Creating a Great First Impression

When selling a home, never underestimate the power of a first impression. From the moment potential buyers arrive at the house, you want them to have a positive feeling toward your home. Make sure your flower beds are weeded, and your trees and hedges don’t look overgrown or unruly. Replace your house numbers, selecting modern, easy-to-read numbers so potential buyers can immediately identify your home. Change the light bulb by the front door, and make sure it lights up the entire entryway.

Add a New Fence

Home buyers concerned about the safety of their family and pets, consider outdoor fencing a desirable property feature. When calculating the potential cost of installing a fence, you’ll need to take into account the size of your property, what kind of lumber you’re using (averages $7 to $15 per foot), and labor costs ($10 – $30 per foot). And if you want to add a gate to your fence, you should expect to pay an additional $200 – $600.

Don’t Forget the Door

Boost your curb appeal without spending a lot of time on painting, and focus on the front door. Painting the front door is an inexpensive project that can create a great first impression, and help you sell your home faster. When selecting the perfect color for the front door, carefully consider the style of your home, your home’s exterior color, and the style of the neighborhood. Make sure the color will make the front door pop without clashing with the exterior color or making it seem out of place in the neighborhood. Popular door colors you can select include white, blue, green, red, or brown.

Spruce Up the Kitchen

A home project involving the kitchen will likely be the most expensive project you’ll undertake, but modernizing your kitchen can increase the value of your home, and could make all the difference in securing a quick sale. Consider resurfacing the countertops, updating the sink and faucet (upscale faucets will cost you $200 – $600), or replacing the flooring to give the kitchen a whole new look.

Replace the Baseboards

Over the years, your baseboards have received a lot of wear and tear, and they may be scuffed and scraped in a few well-worn areas. Replacing the baseboards is a quick and cost-effective way to give your home an update. When the baseboards are removed, make sure you patch any hold or dents in the wall, then sand and repaint the baseboards, or replace the baseboards altogether to impress buyers with beautiful, clean lines between your wall and floor.

Fill Nail Holes in the Walls

If you’ve been in your current home for a while, you’ve probably rearranged the art and photos you have hanging on the walls, leaving behind a few nail holes here and there. You hardly notice these holes, but a potential buyer will be scrutinizing every wall. Filling the nail holes can make your home seem brand new, and this small home project will only take you one afternoon.

Organize the Garage

Is your garage full of boxes, Christmas decorations, and old sports equipment no one uses anymore? Consider that stuff a hindrance to a quick sale. You can sell your home faster by spending some time organizing the garage. Sell, donate, or toss anything you’re not planning to take with you when you move, and organize what’s left. Install some shelving, place a corkboard to hang tools, and add pegs or an overhead rack for any oversized storage. Buyers will be impressed by all the storage space, and you’ll have added an element that can expedite the sale.

Some homes can be on the market for months, but if you don’t want to wait that long, choose a few home projects to focus on, such as increasing curb appeal, sprucing up the kitchen, and organizing your garage and you’ll be able to sell your home quickly, helping you move on to your next adventure.

Most of these projects are quick and cost-effective fixes that will help you sell your house quickly, but if you’re looking for a bigger return on your investment, check out our list of Top 7 Home Renovations for the Money.

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