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One of the best ways to spruce up your home or to add value prior to listing it for sale is with a bathroom renovation. If you’re working with a small space and are considering taking on a remodeling project, keep reading to find out how to cut costs on your small bathroom renovation and still achieve great results.

As Harvard University’s Kermit Baker comments on This Old House, bathrooms are one of the main areas prospective purchasers look at. That’s why making an investment can really pay off. According to HGTV some research finds that sellers recoup two or three times the cost when they sell their homes.

Cost of Small Bathroom Renovation

How much does a bathroom remodel cost? It varies widely. Home Advisor puts the average cost at $9348, with a low of $2600 and a high of a whopping $20,000. Let’s face it, that last number would make most people think twice. The good news is that you can keep bathroom remodel costs under control so you add value and beauty to your home without draining your bank account.

If your home has a small bathroom, you’re already ahead of the game because less square footage means less expenditure. But you can keep the budget even lower by thinking carefully about every aspect of your bathroom renovation project.

How to Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodel

Starting at the top, crown molding can make a room look finished, making a nice transition between the walls and the ceiling. The question is: does that really matter in the bathroom? Crown molding doesn’t come cheap, so eliminating this is a good bet for a budget small bathroom renovation.

Let’s talk tiles. Some people want floor-to-ceiling tiles, but this can be costly. Save money by limiting the areas you tile and painting the rest. If you only tile the floor and bath or shower surround, you’ll cut tile usage in half and make big savings.

You can also save money when tiling by avoiding the subway tiles which are currently in fashion in favor of a bigger tile. Since every tile has to be placed and grouted manually, the more tiles you have the more labor you need. Bigger tiles mean less labor and lower costs. If you love the way small tiles look, cheat by getting a large tile in a mosaic pattern, like this porcelain tile from Floor & Decor.

How to Save on Plumbing and Fittings

Another area where you can make big savings is in plumbing. You may want to switch things round, but is it really worth the additional cost? That applies to electric wiring, too. Leave plumbing and electrics where they are and refresh your small bathroom by changing the fixtures and fittings instead. Good budget options include:

  • Replacing a single light fitting offering double the lighting, like this Home Depot vanity light.
  • Installing a single sink instead of a double.
  • Using an old dresser as a sink surround instead of purchasing a new one.
  • Retaining the base of your toilet and simply updating the toilet seat and lid.

Glass shower enclosures look great in any bathroom, but they also increase the cost of your remodel. Replace the enclosure with a shower curtain and rail to keep costs down. For bathroom faucets, go with chrome instead of brushed nickel to save a small fortune – the most expensive faucets for your sink cost a couple of hundred dollars and shower heads can be even more costly.

Most people need bathroom storage, but do you need a medicine cabinet as well as under-sink storage? Save on this area of your small bathroom by installing a mirror and storing your medicines elsewhere. Alternatively, use open shelving and save on the price of doors.

Finally, did you know you can get combo packages for bathroom fittings? It’s another great way to keep the cost down.

Good bathroom renovations aren’t cheap, but they don’t have to bust the budget either. With our tips, you can achieve a beautiful remodel and still have money in the bank.

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